Friday, December 11, 2015

Love & War

We magically grew up together. Not together like physically together, but together like i got your back dude! Those past years were not always rainbow and sunshine. Storm and lightning are always in between those happy day. And yet we're still together. It's a miracle when i can throw away my egos half of the time.Yes, i can only tolerate certain amount..haha.

Most of the time i felt guilty towards you. My stubbornness, my whatever-lah-kau attitude, my silent treatment and even my temper which acknowledge by everyone by my side as bad tempered.
And you, still stand by me with a smile. ;)

I might be crazy, but dude, you're crazier. for sure..LOL.


Percaya pada rezeki tapi..

Assalamualaikum. Sebagai manusia ni, kita kena percaya pada rezeki tapi..janganlah pulak malas berusaha. Contoh paling mudah, hang perc...