Monday, December 5, 2016



Emak saya sudah 53 tahun ini. Alhamdulillah :)
Of course ini belated birthday post untuk emak. Emak konfem tak baca so boleh bebel lalala..tehee.
Emak saya bukan emak yang lemah lembut macam drama tv juga bukan emak yang mendera macam cinderella. So, here goes a story about my mom.

When i grow up (10-15 years old me) i keep on thinking, oh every mom are like my emak.. Till i once realized that every cousin that I've ever met or seen are scared of my emak. My emak is such a tigress-they said..haha. My emak is strict! My emak is fierce! Yes, true that. My emak will nag and repeating the same thing-same drama. But guess who started it first? Of course me and my siblings who triggered her :P

A mother of 4 annoying and mischievous kids, emak must be really tired. I knew it. Emak sacrificed a lot. She's that kind that willing to gave up her desire to shop for the sake of our education. Sending us to extra classes, attending co-curricular activities to school and such. That's my emak. 

So, as i earn money by myself..i did not think so much to spend it on her. My salary isn't much, the first thing she asked when i called 'mahal kan? cukup duit nak makan tak?'. I almost cry but as i was in the public area, waiting for a bus, i just hold it up. It wasn't much compare to everything she did to us. 

Happy Birthday Mak! 
Al-fatihah & Thank You to my late Tok & Tokwan
Thanks for bringing my emak to this world.
Thanks Ya Allah.
Bought my first naelofar, for her ;)

More to come next year. InsyaAllah :)
p/s: nak balik tapi tiket habis huhu.

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